VIBER or SMS messages only 


Kraljevi Čardaci SPA,

Apartman 87

Vikend naselje,

Čajetinska česma bb,

36354 Kopaonik, Srbija

Latitude: 43.274612

Longitude: 20.766349

"1-2-3" Reservation and Payment


1. Send your Reservation Request: 

Online form or Gmail or VIBER or SMS message.

*If you send VIBER orSMS, please include your email address.  


2. You will receive an email offer with payment instructions. Within 24 hours of receiving an offer, please make a payment:

*EUR payment by PayPal or international bank transfer

*RSD payment via e-banking, any commercial bank or local post office.

3. Immediately after confirmation of your payment, you will receive a final confirmation of your reservation.

Success! Message received.